ID01: Interaction Design & Development 01


Thom Meredith

Week 13

Week 13– Topics In-class studio time

Week 12

Week 12 – Topics Social Media Review and lab time What is Social Media? The best way to understand a new media is to compare it to what’s come before? So, what kind of media do you have lying around your house? Probably these: Newspapers. Magazines. Television. Radio. Books. CDs. DVDs. A box of photos. […]

Week 11

Week 11 – Topics Class critique: Design comps, Process documents More Web Typography: Typekit, Cufón Technical lab: Work on your projects. Assignments 1) Lab assignment: Experiment with Typekit or @font-face to add a “non-Web font” to a webpage you’ve been working on. 2) Continue work on final project. Complete any revisions of your design based […]

Week 10

Week 10 – Topics Final Project Quiz 2 review What is information architecture? Site maps Wireframes Building navigation using the <li> list tag Assignments 1) Lab assignment: Using the files you worked on last week with the Apple iPod page, create a navigational menu using the Listamatic website and list tag as demonstrated in class. […]

Week 09

Week 09 Design Process Review — Discovery Phase —Analyzing your industry: Competitive Analysis —Understanding your Audience: Personas Technical Lab: Inner Div Positioning exercise (iPod exercise demo). Assignments 1) Complete a Communication Brief for your final project using the Communication Brief Worksheet. 2) Lab assignment: Please complete the Inner Div Positioning exercise and post to your […]

Week 08

Assign Final project Midterm Project / Due Today Reminder: You must submit and be present during critiques for both the Midterm Project and Final Projects to pass this class. Specifications: Design a prototype website home page and first-level of another section (landing page) for a client** of your choice. Focus on creating an interesting navigational […]

Week 07

Week 07 – Topics Quiz 2 CSS: The Cascade UL / LI for navigation overview Design assignment: Bring in Photoshop file with design comp for home and landing page for midterm project. You need to start technical production. Review and lab time The Cascade Charlie’s Simple Cascade Summary (From our textbook on page 58) Rule […]

Week 06

Week 06 – Topics Prototyping Optimizing images for web More CSS properties Technical lab: Image slicing/prototyping exercise Assignments 1) Lab assignment: Create the prototype page as demonstrated in class. Use what you learned to create a prototype page of the home page of the project you presented for our crit last week. Upload the files […]

Week 05

Week 05 – Topics Web critiques Web Typography Best of the Web: Typography Assign midterm project Technical lab: Typography & CSS. CSS selectors. Assignments 1) Lab assignment: Using the HTML and CSS files that you’ve been working on, use the CSS properties outlined in the class notes below to style the text for your site […]

Week 04

Week 04 – Topics Navigation review CSS Box Model CSS Selector Types Technical lab: CSS Box Model assignment Assignments 1) Lab assignment: Using the CSS_BoxModel_exercise files, recreate the Cupcake Mama website using div tags as demonstrated in class. For your reference, here is a link to the Cupcake Mama web page. Please be sure to […]